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Calculate your BAC. Make better decisions.

Arming yourself with knowledge and preventative action is the best way to avoid DWI / DUI charges. The more you know about your body, your blood alcohol level and your drinking habits, the more you can understand how quickly alcohol can impair your judgment and actions.

Use our blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator and get an idea of how alcohol can affect you individually, and start making smarter choices before you drink and drive.

The BAC calculator is meant to be informative only. This conversion is not completely accurate and should NEVER be used to determine if you have the ability to drive. Your actual blood alcohol level may vary, depending upon many factors, including body type, sex, health status and many others. DO NOT rely upon this information to decide whether or not it is safe or lawful to drive. Because impairment may occur at any blood alcohol level, we can only recommend that you not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in your system.

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