Controlled Substance DWI/DUI

Under Minnesota Law, it is illegal for a driver to have even trace amounts of drugs in his or her blood while driving.  Even if the State cannot prove that the driver is actually impaired by the drugs, the State can charge the driver with DWI/DUI if a blood test reveals any amount of controlled substances in the driver's blood.  These controlled substance DWI/DUI cases carry all the same criminal penalties and the civil penalties as alcohol related DWI/DUI offenses.

Unique defenses available:

Controlled substance DWI/DUI cases involve complicated legal issues because the charges are almost always the result of a warrant to search the driver's blood or urine.  The attorneys at Olson Defense will always carefully review a warrant and take any opportunity to aggressively challenge the legitimacy of the warrant.  In addition to issues relating to warrants, some controlled substance DWI/DUI cases relate to prescription medicines, and the attorneys at Olson Defense may be able to bring defenses based on our client's use of prescription drugs.

Exceptions for marijuana and THC:

In cases involving marijuana or THC, the State must prove the driver was actually impaired by the marijuana and cannot rely on the mere presence of THC in the driver's blood. The attorneys at Olson Defense will fight these cases aggressively and hold the State to its burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that our client's use of marijuana actually affected our client's ability to drive.  Aggressive defense in marijuana DWI/DUI cases can often result in the dismissal of impaired driving charges, and marijuana DWI/DUI cases do not always carry the same license consequences as other DWI/DUI cases.

Successfully contesting a controlled substance DWI/DUI often requires a deep understanding of complex legal issues.  The attorneys at Olson Defense have a combined 30 years of experience representing drivers charged with all kinds of DWI/DUI offenses, including controlled substance DWI/DUI.  If you, a family member, or a friend has been arrested for or charged with controlled substance DWI/DUI, please call Olson Defense at 952-835-1088 to discuss how our lawyers can fight your case. 

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