Precharge investigations: Why do I need a lawyer?

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Being investigated for a crime can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe they don't need a lawyer during this process. But, having a lawyer during this phase is often very crucial. A precharge investigation can be extremely stressful.

Obtaining experienced legal counsel before you are charged is often as important, and sometimes more important, than seeking that representation afterwards.

If you are suspected of a crime, police officers and investigators work to build a case against you. This may involve calling you, coming to your home, or coming to your workplace to ask questions. Many people make the mistake of waiving their right to an attorney and answering officer's questions without first consulting with an attorney who can help with this process. Answering questions without an attorney present does not mean you will receive a better outcome if charges are forthcoming. In fact, oftentimes those answers jeopardize the future defense plans your attorney will prepare.

Remember, if you are investigated, you do not have to speak to investigators without your attorney present.

After you hire an attorney, your attorney will provide much-needed support during an investigation and will speak to investigators on your behalf. In addition, your attorney may pursue other angles to help build your defense. This includes investigating leads police may have overlooked as well as investigating witnesses or accusers who may have already spoken to law enforcement. Your attorney may also be able to nullify an arrest warrant.

Your attorney may also be able to meet with prosecutors to persuade them to drop the case even before charges are filed. Your attorney could also mitigate any future charges so they are less severe than the charges you would have faced without representation.

If you are the subject of a precharge investigation, you need experienced legal counsel. Contact Attorney Eric J. Olson for vigorous defense and unrivaled results.

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